Automatic Open and Close Cap Shaker SNP Container

Salt & Pepper Shaker the technology allows the cap of dispensing product open automatically when tilted, and closes back when the dispensing bottle is put to resting position. Leakage free. Air tight design, good preservation of ingredient if cap is locked. Ideally for various types of seasonings, spice and herbs. You will never have to worry about insects or animals contaminating your food ingredients! The food ingredients can stay fresh and unpolluted for a longer period of time!


  • Push up to UNLOCK the cap of the bottle.
  • Tilt down & shake out the desired amount.
  • Press to LOCK the cap clean & simple. Convenient to operate with one hand only.
  • Ideal for Rock Salt, Basil Seed, Paprika Powder, Mustard Seed, Coarse Pepper Powder, Assorted Chili Pepper.

Categories: Innovative product
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