chem-ab MIXER01 1200 W Hand Blender(Black)

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What is it for ? 1.Use it to stir the egg till they foam for making cake, pie and so on. 2.Treat yourself a cup of coffee every day, drink at home feel like in a coffee shop. 3.Make your milk foamy to enhance the value of it. How to use it ? Step1: Dip the top side of the stainless steel whisk into milk or coffee, press the power button to activate it Step2: When done using, press the button again to stop it. Step3: wash and get it cleaned and store it in a dry environment. Our guarantee Our product go through rigorous testing to ensure our customers receive a Great foam maker. Product Details: Slim and portable hand blender is best for whisking buttermilk, lassi, sherbet, yogurt, cold coffee and milk etc. Stainless steel stirrer and plastic hand shake. Coffee, milk, juice, tea and soft drink mixing handheld blender. This handy mixer is ideal for home, office, traveling and school, Its easy to operate and clean.

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