DIRGH ENTERPRISE Coffee bitter oo7 60 W Hand Blender(Multicolor)

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Useful for Cold or Hot Coffee, Milk Shakes, Chocolate Drinks, Chaas, Lassi, Mixing egg etc. Gives a nice foam to your Coffee, Milk Shake etc which can be enjoyed drinking. Milk foamier, milk Froather Hong Xin With this robust milk foamier, you can easily foam milk just in a few seconds Convenient to clean: when you are done using,you can just need to rinse stem and whisking head in hot or soapy water and then place it to dry.No need to worry about it to be decayed as it is the quality stainless steel. You can also use this handheld blender for preparing milk-shakes, cappuccino, latte, toppings, salad and to prepare omelet.Easy to Clean The drink mixer can be easily cleaned by rinsing the whisking head and shaft under the faucet.D. Also used for Whisking, Shaking and Frother, Mixing Coffee, Milk, Wine, Fruit Juice,ETC .

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Coffee bitter oo7

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