jharna Ghee – Gawa Ghee 500 g Plastic Bottle

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Jharna Ghee! A Bengalis true delight. The appetizing aroma and the mouthwatering flavour is renowned across the nation. A dollop of Jharna ghee in your daal-bhaat (dal-chawal) is a reminder of home. Regular trips to the town market are made to buy Jharna ghee, sold in large and small plastic bottles. Amul or Anik just won’t do. It is an integral component of Bengali cuisine as no Moong Dal would be complete without a drizzle of Jharna Ghee or no Niramish tarkari (vegetable curry) would taste good without a fresh dose of ground garam masala and a dash of Jharna Ghee. Jharna Ghee is also used in restaurants catering Bengali food.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


Model Name

Ghee – Gawa Ghee

Container Type

Plastic Bottle


500 g

Maximum Shelf Life

120 Days

Source Type

Cow Milk



Added Preservatives



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