Sharp Room KC-F30E-W Humidifier

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Introducing Sharp’s newest Plasmacluster Air Purifier with humidifying function for bedrooms and rooms of up to 230 sq ft in size. The best partner for your air conditioner (an AC reduces humidity) and for the dry winters, the KC-F30E is an all-season air purifier which not only traps dust and pollen, but also neutralises other airborne pollutants and contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould fungi, dust mites and their faeces and remains, even static electricity which attracts dirt to it. The Sharp KC-F30E features a washable pre-filter and filter life of up to 2 years for its HEPA and activated carbon filters. The KC-F30E also features a Haze (or Turbo) mode, an auto-off timer. It comes with odour, dust, temperature and humidity sensors for automatic operation. The unit also provides information about your indoor air quality through the on-board display. The KC-F30E is portable and can be shifted from one room to another. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 240 cu. m / hr (or 8,500 cu. ft / hr), it can recycle air in a room 200 sq ft in size, 10 ft high, 4-5 times in an hour. Sharp offers 12 months, on-site warranty as standard on all its products. Just call 1800-4254-322 toll-free to avail.

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12 months, on-site warranty

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Call 1800-4254-322 toll-free to avail service under warranty

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